Asher Lily was a man being held captive by Ignytus forces on the road, before being rescued by Aurora Eisen and Noisha Finn. He is good friends with Doran, and the son of Lerys.

Appearance and Character Edit

Asher is a short, lanky pale-skinned man in his early twenties. His hair is pale yellow, and his eyes are grey.

He is quiet and reserved, feeling uncomfortable around people he does not know. When with Doran, his closest friend, he is calm and at ease, even loud and outgoing at times.

Hail to the King Edit

Asher and Doran are being held captive by Ignytus men. They are presumably traveling them to Gesheena, when Aurora Eisen and Noisha Finn decide to rescue them.

The two friends, after being freed, discuss their plans for the future over a dinner of disgusting-tasting stew. That is when Asher points out that the two girls are heading in the wrong direction of where they are supposed to be heading.