Eon is in training to become part of Monarch Kin's army in Votten. He is confessed to admire Lana Eisen, in her guise of Anna Lunell, and grew up the son of two female librarians in Crimm Town.


Eon is a pale, skinny boy of rather short height. His chin is narrow, and his ears are pointed. He is plain-faced, but said to have remarkable blue eyes. His hair is short and black, but falls in his eyes often.

Early LifeEdit

He grew up in Crimm Town as a boy of moderate wealth. His mothers were owners of a sucessful library, which Eon refers to as the 'best library to the west of the Kraken Skull'. When growing up, he used to play with Anna Lunell. They would sneak off from their parents, and wrestle each other. Eon would often come around to her house on the river, and they would fool around in the water while their parents slept, and head back as the sun was rising.