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2014 Olympic Silver Medalist Ice-skater, Jason Brown; inspiration for Hunter Bryn.

  Hunter Bryn is the eldest son of King Kronan Bryn and his Queen, Verena . His younger siblings include Azelea, Ydra, and Ormar Bryn. Ser Tomas Silverpoint is his sworn shield.

Appearence and CharacterEdit

Hunter is a lanky boy of seventeen, and is small for his age. His skin is a copper brown colour, and his cheeks are dotted with pimples. His face is long and oval-shaped, with a hard jaw, soft brown eyes, a small mouth (but a big smile), and a nose and ears that are too big for his face. His hair reaches down to his shoulders, shiny, black, and shaggy/wavy.

Hunter is a sweet, gentle boy who has a passion for ice-skating. He is considerably less handsome than his mother and siblings, but still feels comfortable in his own skin. He has a great many fears, including blood, death, swords, and spiders. He is often belittled by his father for not being more like him (a warrior), but his mother encourages Hunter to do what makes him happy. 

Kneel to the New GodEdit

Hunter ___