-- broren, eldest, usually a calm dude but when Aaryd goes missing he goes out with his brothers following him, but end up caught in the war

--aaryd, the wandering steed, ((secretly ryder kin)) hears rumors of a rebellion and is so curious he heads off to investigate

-- galen, feminine gay boy, poet, is a very calm man but a deep desperation and rage awakens in him when aaryd goes missing

--Tharai Ignytus, super emo

-- "Puppyface" Daven

-- sage, the youngest (half)brother, gorgeous, left behind, forced to grow up as a bastard of his mother, without his brothers, is severely lonely as he is only ever seen in a sexual or romantic light rather than a marital one

--neswen, the youngest, only daughter, (bastard of her mother), innocent young girl caught up in war times

Broren --   (bron+ bro) (protector; brother)  (((((commonly shortened to Bror))))))

'''Aaryd --  (aaru+rydle) (Peaceful; horse rider)'

Galen -- (Tranquil)'

Tharai -- (than+ mirai)  (death; miracle)

Sage  (Wise one)

Neswen   ( nesrin+gwen)  ( wild rose;fair)