Kieran Kin

 Kieran is the youngest of Monarch Kin's brothers at nineteen years old. He is the captain of Monarch Kin's guard at Votten.


Kieran is ridiculously beautiful. He has dark skin and golden eyes. His black hair is styled into matted coils, and reaches down to his shoulders. He is lean and relatively muscular.

He was temporarily crippled in his left leg, and required the use of wooden canes that were bound to his forearms with steel straps.

Early LifeEdit

Kieran was abducted from his parents at a young age (one or two), and was given the blood of Monarch Kin and her brothers, making him a part of their family. He since then took their last name. His true last name is unknown.

He is present at the wedding of Ava Kin and Zayden Finn. During the ceremony he sits next between Jud and Ryder Kin, and is seen holding Jud's hand. During the wedding feast, Kieran is poisoned by Monarch to encourage Ryder Kin to murder Ava. The poison used is called Whine. Kieran is rushed by Jud to seek the help of the healer Althea, and seems to have turned out fine without any noticable effects.

Hail to the KingEdit


Captain of the Guard Kieran Quaine

Rollias ("sailor" [augustus joke]--in camps during KTTNG)

Sexual orientation: Bisexual