Olliphor is a Blind Brother from Razeria. He and a company of Blind Brothers were given as a gift to Monarch Kin by Sesaro Syle . He is older brother to the first female "Blind Brother" (although she is unburned), Veronika .

Appearance and Character Edit

Olliphor is a light-skinned man, but being Razerian (the equivalent to a real-life Chinese person) he has a tanner tone to his skin, and very thick eyelids. His eyes are burned, leaving a thick mass of scar over his permanently-shut eyelids and the bridge of his nose. He has high cheekbones and a square jaw. His hair is long and black, but shaved to stubble on his right side.

He is in his early twenties, slim but strong, and of medium height. Daniella does not think he looks very much like his sister, but can see the resemblance if pointed out.

Although he is a Blind Brother, and they are sworn to silence and obedience, he shows defiance by defending his sister in the yard during training. He is very protective of his sister, and tries his best to be around her at all times-- standing watch when she is training, and guarding the shared room she is lodging in.


Born in Razeria as bastard children of low birth, his father being a lord and his mother being his prostitute paramour, Olliphor and his sister Veronika were both sold for money. Olliphor was trained to become a Blind Brother, his head shaved and his eyes burned. But before his training was complete, he begged the Great Master for his sister's life when he got word of her training.

Hail to the KingEdit

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