Ryder Kin is the third-eldest brother of Monarch Kin .

Appearence and CharacterEdit

Ryder is described as being a light-skinned, brown-haired and brown-eyed man with a lean frame, and a gaunt face. On his right arm, about half-way up his forearm there is a pale, cresent-shaped scar where he was cut and bled into, as to become Monarch Kin 's brother.

Ryder was very protective of his younger "brothers", Jud and Kieran Kin, and was in love with Ava Kin. He was brave and unafraid to speak his mind. He becomes selfless when he knowingly sacrifices his life for his younger "brothers", shooting the woman he loves with an arrow from his bow.


His origin is unknown, but speculated about.  (Aaryd Ignytus)