Suri is a highborn Shalansi man from Cape Bluwyn who is allied with Zayden Finn. Zayden, Warret Night, and Ryne of Rona are his closest friends, and together act as a unit of polyamorous lovers.

Appearance and Character Edit

Suri is a skinny man of medium height. He has light brown skin, and dark, round eyes. His dark brown hair is shoulder-length

He is mischievous and playful, constantly playing around with Warrett to entertain himself. He is very arrogant, which is often mistaken for confidence, and jealous and clingy when it comes to his lovers.

Hail to the King Edit

At the wedding of Lana Eisen and Zayden Finn, Suri, although seeming somewhat playful, is very jealous and constantly tries to put distance between the bride and the groom.